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Institute of Medico-legal Publications

For Reviewers

Peer Review Process

We Follow Double Blinded Peer Review Process. In This
Process The Author's Names And Affiliations Will Not Be Exposed To Editors And Reviewers And Authors Are Also Kept Blinded From Reviewer Information.


After Receiving Manuscript From Editorial Board Member/ Editorial Office, Reviewer Should Respond Whether He Considering The Manuscript Or Not In A Couple Of Days, Based On His Expertise. After Accepting The Manuscript, Reviewer Could Provide His Decisions As Below After Completing Peer Review Process To Editorial Office.

(I) Accepted – If The Manuscript Is Completely Relevant And Well Written

(Ii) Rejected – If The Manuscript Is Irrelevant

(Iii) Need To Sent Revision – If Any Minor Corrections To Be Done For Manuscript

Reviewer Must Not Be Biased And Transparent In His Decision.
Reviewer Should Provide The Decisions On Time Line I.E. 10 Days After Accepting The Manuscript.
Reviewer Should Respect The Confidentiality Of The Information Of Manuscript Till It Gets Published.
Final Decision In Accepting/ Rejecting Of The Manuscript Is Solely Decided By Chief-Editor Of The Journal.
For Any Conflicts With Manuscript/ Authors/
Editors He Should Contact Editorial Office.
We Kindly Welcome Reviewer’s Suggestions To Develop The Journal.

For Editors

Chief Editor And Editors Assume An Essential Part In Keeping Up Gauges Of Journal Through Exhaustive Peer Review Process. Editors Ought To Verify That Every One Of The Articles Must Distribute As For The Extent Of The Journal As Indicated By Exploratory Importance, Veracity, Research Quality, Creative Routines. Editors Must Be Unprejudiced With His Choices Given On Original Copies That Are Must Be Not Influenced By The Creator's Nativity, Nationality, Ethnicity, Religion And So Forth. Original Copy Judgment Must
Backing The Exploratory Legitimacy And Importance To The Experimental World.

Obligations And Guidelines Of The Editors

In The Wake Of Getting Manuscripts From Authors, Editorial Office Doles Out The Composition To A Supervisor To Audit The Composition. Papers Would Be Allocated To Editor Taking Into Account His Ability And Examination Interest. Editor’s Part Is To Appoint Two Reviewers To Give Audit Remarks. In A Circumstance Where Supervisor Couldn't Have The Capacity To Dole Out Commentators If The Editors Are Occupied With Alternate Duties, Then Article Office Doles Out The Analysts For The Benefit Of Editorial Manager. Editor Ought To React Opportune On His Course Of Events In Finishing The Peer Preview Process And Giving His Choices On Compositions. Editor Needs To Regulate The Whole Associate Survey Cycle To Save The Standards Of The Diary. Editor Could Deal With Any Number Original Copies For Companion Survey Procedure As Indicated By His Advantage And Different Responsibilities. As The Editors Are Spine To Journal Maintainability, Supervisor Could Contribute The Compositions. The Manuscripts May Be Research Articles/ Review Articles/Short Communication For Continuation The Issues Of The Journal. Editor Needs To Empower The Entries From Other Qualified Creators And He Could Recommend His Associates. We Would Welcome Our Editors To Propose Us New Considerations And Thoughts For The Headway Of The Diary. Editors Need To Guarantee The Security Of Individual Information And Look After Protection.


Journal Policy

Plagiarism Policy

The Peer Review Process Plays A Vital Role In Successful Scientific Research Publishing. We INSTITUTE OF MEDICOLEGAL Publications PVT LTD Promises The Transparent And Quality Peer Review Process. To Assure This INSTITUTE OF MEDICOLEGAL Publications PVT LTD Has An Obligation To Assist The Scientific Community In All Aspects Of Publishing Ethics, Especially In Cases Of Plagiarism.

What Is Plagiarism?

Plagiarism Is The "Wrongful Appropriation" And "Stealing And Publication" Of Another Author's "Language, Thoughts, Ideas, Or Expressions" And The Representation Of Them As One's Own Original Work. Plagiarism Is Considered Academic Dishonesty And A Breach Of Journalistic Ethics. It Is Subject To Sanctions Like Penalties, Suspension, And Even Expulsion.

Note For Authors

Institute Of Medicolegal Publications PVT LTD Does Not Encourage Any Form Of Plagiarism And Duplicate Submissions. Hence, We Strongly Recommend Our Authors To Thorough Check Of The Article Content Before Submitting It To Our Journals For Publication. We Request Our Authors To Use "Plagiarism Checking Software’s" To Check Plagiarism Prior To Submission As A Preliminary Step, Although They Are Not Completely Reliable.

INSTITUTE OF MEDICOLEGAL Publications PVT LTD Plagiarism Policy

INSTITUTE OF MEDICOLEGAL Publications PVT LTD Will Check Plagiarism For All The Submitted Articles Before Publishing Online. If The Plagiarism Is Observed By Editors, Peer Reviewers Or By Editorial Staff At Any Stage Of Publication Process, It Could Be Rejected Based On The Percentile Of Plagiarism Occurred And It Would Be Notified To Author.

Crossref Similarity Check Powered By Ithenticate

Similarity Check Is A Multi-Publisher Initiative To Screen Published And Submitted Content For Originality. Institute of Medicolegal Publications PVT LTD Uses The iThenticate Software to Detect Instances Of Overlapping and Similar Text In Submitted Manuscripts. Wherever You See The “Similarity Check Deposited” Or “Similarity Check Depositor” Logos, You Can Be Reassured That The Publisher Whose Content You Are Reading Is Committed To Actively Combating Plagiarism And Publishing Original Research.

Copyright Policy

Copyright Of Any Article Submitted To INSTITUTE OF MEDICOLEGAL Journal Of Public Health And Community Medicine Will Be Retained By The Author(S) Under The Creative Commons License, Which Allows Unrestricted Use, Distribution, And Reproduction Provided The Original Work Is Properly Cited.

Rights Granted To Author

Author Has To Sign
On The Licence Agreement To Allow Author To Publish The Article. Licence Agreement Is Related To Transfer Of Publishing Rights From Author To Publisher.
Copy Right Of The Submitted Article Will Be Retained With Author.
Author Will Also Retain Patent, Trademark And Other Intellectual Property Rights For His Submission.

Rights Retained

The Exclusive Right To Publish And Distribute An Article, And Have Rights To Share Including For Commercial Purposes Too.
The Article Can Be Used To Promote On Social Media Even After Publication.

If In Case Of Copyright Infringement Done By Any Others For The Submitted Article, INSTITUTE OF MEDICOLEGAL Publications PVT LTD Will Support The Author.

Publishing Licence Agreement

Authors Are Requested To Grant A License To Publish In Our INSTITUTE OF MEDICOLEGAL Journal Of Public Health And Community Medicine. Please Fill In This License Agreement Form And Return It To